Frequently Asked Questions

Is there limited mileage?

No, there is no limited mileage when renting our cars.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period for the Netherlands is 4 hours during an evening and for Italy 1 day. The vehicles can be collected as of 8 a.m. and must be returned before 6 p.m. Adjusting the rental period is possible in consultation, for example, for a photo shoot, exam party. If the vehicle is not returned between the specified times, an extra day will be charged. (unless agreed otherwise)

Is a different rental period possible?

If an alternative rental period is preferred, it is possible to deviate from the rental period with a telephone request. For example, it is possible to rent a vehicle from Tuesday to Tuesday.

What is flexible renting?

On top of the full rental amount, a surcharge of 15 percent is charged, whereby you can cancel up to 48 hours before the start of the rental period and agree a new rental period/within two years subject to availability. This can be useful for bad weather forecasts/unforeseen personal circumstances. If you do not take this surcharge when booking and the weather conditions during the rental period are poor or you do not want the rental to go ahead, no money will be refunded, nor can a new rental period be requested.

Rent a vehicle by using a voucher/gift voucher

Vouchers can be exchanged after you inform us of this by e-mail or telephone and only on the basis of availability and after payment of the deposit. There is no refund on the value of the voucher. If you want to use a voucher that is valid for a weekday and want to use it for a weekend or public holiday, the difference in price will be calculated. The voucher must be handed over to a DuettoRent employee on the day of the Spider drive.

If, as a customer, I do not allow the rent to go ahead at my own request, can I reclaim the rent, albeit in part?

We never refund money. If the flexible renting allowance was taken at the time of booking, the rental period can be moved, and here too we do not issue refunds.

What do I have to hand over / take to the departure point?

When booking, e-mail a copy of the driver’s license(s), name, address and telephone number to Duettorent at

Deposit at least 7 days before the start of the rental date stating Spider deposit and transfer the rental date to Duettorent account stating colour Spider deposit and the rental period. This is no longer possible in cash or by bank contact. When using a voucher, the voucher must also be handed over.

Can I park my own vehicle at the rental location?

Yes, you can park your passenger transport/moped/bicycle at or nearby the rental location.

What to do at the start of the rental period?

The person renting can approach the employee at the point of departure and, if desired, receive a brief explanation of the Spider. The renter carries out a brief check on the Spider and can note any damage/defects on the back of the contract! Also leave a copy of your ID/driver’s license if you had not already provided one (bring your own copy). Check if the tank is full. Contract details are complete and signed, and also leave a copy of your ID/driver’s license. If the weather is nice, open up the top and set off for departure!

What to do when rental expires?

The driver fills up the Spider with Gasoline/Euro 98. If the Spider is extremely dirty internally or externally, the renter must clean the vehicle. Spider must be parked on site at the departure point, keys handed to an employee or after consultation (only after approval from DuettoRent) keys can be returned through the key safe. Don’t forget to bring your personal items! After the rental period, the Spider will be thoroughly inspected, check for a full tank, damage, clean, record KM readings for our own administration and return the deposit as described in the general conditions.

Is the rental location accessible by public transport?

The rental location is easily accessible by public transport (Syntus). “Loenersloot, Dorp” stop – line 120: Utrecht – Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA station/Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA – Utrecht station. For more information, visit

The rental location in Italy can be easily reached with a rental car/taxi or on request we can also pick you up in Pisa/Florence or Bologna airport for an additional fee.

Request extra cleaning/high-gloss polishing

The vehicles are delivered clean for rental as standard. On request we can have the vehicles cleaned and polished for an extra €125. This gives the vehicles an extra shine, which can be ideal for photo shoots or weddings.

Are there any particular details to keep in mind when returning a rental car?

The rental agreement states at what time the vehicle must be returned at the end of the rental period. The return address is always the same as the departure location, unless agreed otherwise in writing with Duettorent. We take care of cleaning the outside. We expect the interior to be kept clean and tidy.

How much deposit must be paid?

A deposit of €500 must be paid for rental in The Nederland. For rental Italy is a deposit of €1000,- required. You must transfer the deposit at least 7 days before the start of the rental period to IBAN NL83 INGB 0007 6900 44 in the name of DuettoRent. Use as reference Spider deposit and the colour/rental period.

The return of the deposit will take place within 7 days.

Can I surrender the deductible of 850 euros?

The deductible of €850 can be partially redeemed. For the amount of €25 per rented day, the deductible can be bought up to €450.

Do I receive an invoice?

To finalize the reservation, email your details (name, address and telephone number) to, after which you will receive an invoice. With the invoice the payment can be made. Only after full payment of the rent is the reservation final.

How are the vehicles insured?

The vehicles are insured. You must take out travel insurance yourself. When you cross the border you must inform the rental company in writing.

Can a second driver be appointed and what are the costs?

Yes, a 2nd driver may be designated, which is free of charge. However, the main driver is always liable during the entire rental period and a copy of the driver’s license of the second driver must be provided.

What should I do in the event of traffic fines?

Traffic fines, caused by violations during the rental period, will be charged to the customer. This can be done by means of a deduction from the deposit or, more often than not, by sending an invoice afterwards.

What should I do in the event of damage?

Contact us directly (+31 (0)642 03 60 07). We will discuss the situation depending on the extent of the damage. In consultation, it will be determined whether the damaged vehicle can continue to be driven. If this is not the case, another vehicle will be made available in consultation. This could be another type of vehicle, possibly regular (non-convertible) model. In the event of reckless driving, we may refuse to offer replacement transportation. Important: always take photos of the damage. If it concerns minor damage such as damage to the paint, we will deduct the repair costs from the deposit. You will receive an invoice stating the costs incurred. If it is more significant damage, we will consult with you before repairing the vehicle.

Are the Spiders provided with breakdown assistance?

Some Spiders are registered with ANWB standard Europe. Always contact DuettoRent first to receive further instructions.

Does the vehicle need to be refuelled again?

Yes, the vehicle must be returned filled with fuel (Euro 98). The vehicle is delivered by us with a full tank. Upon delivery it must also have a full tank. If the vehicle is not returned with a full tank, an additional €15 including fuel costs will be charged. This amount will be deducted from the deposit to be refunded.

Advertising/Social Media

The customer, if desired, can capture beautiful moments/experiences on photo and e-mail them to DuettoRent. If there is no objection from the customer, DuettoRent would like to use these photos for advertisements in magazines, social media, etc. This will only happen after receipt of photos taken by the customer themselves.

What is the fuel consumption?

The consumption of an Alfa Spider is approximately 1:10 and at an average speed of 90 km/h this will be 1:13.

Can I travel abroad by car?

Yes, you can go abroad with the vehicle, but you must inform the rental company in writing in advance.

Can I add, for example, a bouquet, to the car at a wedding or photo shoot?

No problem! The car can also have a flower bouquet. Flowers may only be placed on the car by means of a suction cup, which you can order from your florist. A magnet can cause damage to the paint. Make sure you apply and remove the bouquet with care to prevent damage to the paint.